Commercial Solar

There has never been a more exciting time for businesses to get solar!

Solar is not just an investment, it is infrastructure that will significantly reduce the overheads of your business and tell the public of your social consciousness.

Larger businesses with thicker gauge wire or multiple 3 phase lines can take advantage of large-scale solar instllations. Any home business with 3 phase power can also benefit from our commercial solar systems.

Solar is being used for shading in shopping centre car parks, as power sources for industrial cooling, or a passive revenue stream on shed roofing.

If you are a publicly listed company, it is important to be aware of changing trading practices.

Investors are now assessing their dependence on fossil fuels as a key component of their share portfolios. You can take advantage of the shift towards ethical trading practices underway by many firms and super funds by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.

In conjunction with agreements you can current make with your electricity provider to use green energy, your renewables portfolio can become a very attractive feature for future investors.

Stay ahead of the game with Dream Solar’s commercial Solar systems!


Is commercial solar tax deductible?

Yes! Many things in business are, and thanks to solar being a hot topic through ever level of parliament, you get much more support for solar than other products on the market that advertise they are tax deductible.

Can I get a commercial system for my home?

Yes you can, however, the technology for 3-phase inverters requires a consultant to assess your situation in more detail than the typical consultation.

How long does it take to get a commercial solar system installed?

That’s up to you, it should take us very little time to arrange for installation. The major obstacle is identifying all the relevant parties within your organisation that are involved in the decision-making process.
For large organisations it is best if each party can notify us with their particular role in the decision-making process, and what concerns they would like addressed. This is so our consulting team can prepare accordingly, as to address each person properly.