Residential Solar

You would be challenged to find a home in Australia without the need for electrical utilities. Our demand on electricity and power is growing despite the ever increasing prices of the electricity we already use. As of today there is still no better solution for sustainable power production for the home than solar power.

Dream solar is committed to delivering renewable power for Australian households at an affordable price. There are numerous benefits for the household to go solar.

Financial Benefit

Not only is solar cheaper to produce per kW, but it also avoids the cost of the expensive infrastructure required to get the electricity to your home.

Producing your own power with solar is an effective method of protecting your hard-earned cash. Any power that is not used by your home is put back into the network for other houses in your area to use.

You are paid for the energy you put back into the grid, which for most customers covers the costs of still being connected to the grid.

With the rapid adoption of solar, power companies can depend on you to produce electricity and reduce the demand on the grid, keeping the cost of electricity for other homes lower than if your home did not have solar to begin with.

Financially, with solar, everybody wins, and you have more money in your own pocket.


Not only does your community benefit financially from you having solar, however, it also benefits by being less reliant on fossil fuels. Cleaner air and a reduction in demand on infrastructure (including freight) makes for healthier communities. Additionally, the money you are saving on electricity is now your discretionary spending, meaning your money is staying in your local community.